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Events of the slovak state in four chapters

This website accompanies the exhibition "Dream × Reality. Art & propaganda 1939 – 1945 " by adding historical context as "longform" articles illustrated with multimedia content. Using the visual material from the exhibition, we look at the key events pertaining to the slovak state - the pursuit of an autonomous republic, the historical developments during the Second World War, the state's dependence on the Third Reich and its inevitable downfall. The story is divided into four episodically released chapters.


The website is created by lab.SNG together with external collaborators. lab.SNG is a platform within the Slovak National Gallery, which focuses on new ways to connect gallery practice and art collections with digital technology.

  • Script: Peter Gašparík
  • Web design: Matúš Solčány, Philo van Kemenade
  • Development: Philo van Kemenade, Igor Rjabinin
  • Production: Michal Čudrnák, Lukáš Štepanovský, Gabriel Balkó
  • Sound: Michal Lučenič
  • Music: Phragments (video in 1. chapter - song "Into Nothing" from the album "All Towers Must Fall")
  • Video: Peter Gáll
  • Typeface: Uni Grotesk, Moyenage
  • Source code: github.com/SlovakNationalGallery

Literary sources

  • Katarína Bajcurová – Petra Hánaková – Bohunka Koklesová a kol: sen x skutočnosť. Umenie a propaganda 1939 – 1945. Bratislava : Slovenská národná galéria, 2016
  • Martina Fiamová – Ján Hlavinka – Michal Schvarc a kol.: Kapitoly z dejín Slovenskej republiky 1939 – 1945. Bratislava: Historický ústav SAV vo Prodama s.r.o. 2014
  • Martina Fiamová - Ján Hlavinka - Michal Schvarc a kol.: Slovenský štát 1939 – 1945: predstavy a realita. Bratislava : Historický ústav SAV, 2014
  • Martina Fiamová – Ján Hlavinka: Kapitoly z dejín holokaustu na Slovensku. Bratislava : Historický ústav SAV vo vydavateľstve VEDA, 2015
  • Dušan Kováč: Dejiny Slovenska. Praha : Nakladatelství Lidové noviny, 2007
  • Róbert Letz: Slovenské dejiny V: 1938 - 1945. Bratislava : Literárne informačné centrum, 2012
  • Martin Lacko: Slovenská republika 1939 - 1945. Bratislava: Ústav pamäti národa vo vydavateľstve Perfekt, 2008
  • Jana Odrobináková: Slobodný slovenský vysielač. Povstalecký rozhlas v Banskej Bystrici. In: História. Revue o dejinách spoločnosti. Bratislava : Spoločnosť Pro Historia, 2008

Digital reproductions

Digital reproductions were created thanks to the national project Digital gallery, co-financed from the European foundation of regional development as a part of Operational program Informatization of society.

About the exhibition

Dream × reality. Art & propaganda 1939—1945
Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava
19 October 2016 — 26 February 2017

Stories of the 20th Century

This website uses audio material from the Stories of the 20th Century project. It is a documentary project by the non-profit organization Post Bellum SK, which records interviews with people who experienced or witnessed important events of the 20th Century. The project brings together hundreds of mostly young people, who collect memories of survivors, record interviews, digitize photographs, journals, historical records and submit them to the international archive called "National memory".

If you have tips for an interviewee, please write to pamatnici@postbellum.sk.

Join the Stories of 20th Century contest. Record the story of your grandparents and win an iPhone or 50 000 czk.

Post Bellum SK is an independent citizen initiative, financed mostly by small donors. You can help too! Become a member of Stories of the 20th Century friends club or send a one-time donation to the account SK12 0200 0000 0029 3529.

Join us! The more of us there are, the bigger memory legacy we leave for our children.

Books discovered once again

The project of the National Library of Czech Republic and Stiftelsen Arkivet of Norway. The project is concerned with non-Bohemical library fonds, which came to former Czechoslovakia and subsequently to the National Lilbrary of the Czech Republic during World War II and shortly afterwards. We recommend the virtual exhibition!

In the media

  • Moderní dejiny (CZ) - educational portal for teachers and students.
  • Moderné dejiny (SK) - educational portal for teachers and students.
  • HistorieBlog.cz - blog for history enthusiasts.
  • ARCHINFO - professional architecture portal wchich also maps the technical and cultural contexts of the subject matter.
  • Historická Revue - slovak magazine about history and archeology. It offers an insider look at a selected topics from slovak or world history. Articles are written by renowned historians from Slovakia and abroad. Historická revue deals with the topic of Slovak State - more about Slovak State
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